So here I go, onto one more first in my life, and one that I never would have expected: writing a blog. The word BLOG in my mind has become almost a joke with the internet becoming overcrowded with the Average Joe’s dream of being noticed, getting to spill the words and emotions that they are unable to express face-to-face, and even the slim chance of making it big, so to say. I don’t want these opinions to detract from all blogs, as I know that everyone has their own reason for reaching out and writing. Millions of people find comfort, humor, and help through this process, and I do not mean to judge, but I never saw myself going down this path.

As technological capabilities continue to expand rapidly and human interaction decreases at an exponential rate, I am a big believer that making the effort to be old-fashioned is very important to anyone’s perspective and experience throughout life. Texting, emailing, and social networking are great portals to making easy plans and keeping in touch with long-lost friends, but when it comes to really getting to know a person, I find that body language emotions need to be observed in the flesh when creating a lasting friendship.

That being said, I am writing a blog. It is for my own personal benefit, and it is not open to the public (at this point). Maybe in the future I will start sharing my experience with others, but I’m not ready for that. I don’t want to have to filter my thoughts to protect or shelter those reading, and I don’t want the added pressure of proper grammar or politically correct writing. I write like I talk, and I express myself the way that I believe tells my story best. That’s that.

So while this is a private writing sesh between me, myself, and I, I am still going to write as if someone could access it. Over the past two and a half years, I have gotten very used to describing my story to people who ask and I feel more comfortable going about it this way. Through writing about my story and progression, I seek to document my thoughts, medical practices, hardships, frustrations, and individual stories, whether they be good or bad, for future reference. By doing so, I hope to release the tension and irritation that I feel towards my situation while decluttering my overflowing thoughts that I can’t seem to organize anymore. I guess it’s time to test my theory and see if this blog thing really does work for anything, so let’s start writing!!

Unfortunately, I am unable to focus on one effort for very long and have already begun mentally fatiguing with just those few short paragraphs above. I have so much to write, yet I need to manage my time and energy so as not to overstimulate or overdo myself in one sitting.

Coming at some point…the beginning of my story and how my life changed in just 24 short hours in California.

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